Accept Cryptocurrency Payments At Checkout With Primer

By the end of reading, you will know how to set up the taking of Bitcoin payments with WordPress. And you will have a good understanding of the services and plugins available to help you do so. Reach new customers with lower fees, get cash in your bank account. Pay with your digital assets safely and easily with Utrust merchants. Every payment is backed with secure protection mechanisms so you can shop with confidence. The Hold app allows you to stake Utrust Tokens and receive rewards for each transactions and payments made within the app.

The GoCrypto crypto payment application was originally launched in 2017 and has been rapidly expanding its reach beyond Slovenia to other European countries and beyond. Bitcoin’s market capitalization grew by 187%, many popular coins reached new all-time highs, and some even offered five-digit percentage returns. According to CoinGecko, the total cryptocurrency market cap surpassed $3 billion in Nov. 2021. By now, you’ve probably realized that Bitcoin isn’t the perfect dream as a currency replacement. While there are concrete advantages to accepting Bitcoin, risk and complexity exist as well.

We’re also seeing an increasing amount of legitimacy in cryptocurrency-related companies thanks to large moves such as public listing. Bitcoin first came into the light as the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto. He wrote a paper on a peer-to-peer digital cash system that proposed a zero-trust security model and, in 2009, the Bitcoin network was born. Actually I’ve used GoUrl plugin and it’s really easy to use, complete and safe way to accept Bitcoin on WordPress. Wallets can be stored on your desktop, on hardware, on your mobile or on the web. And for each platform there are numerous wallet options, so do your research before making a decision on which one is best for you.

Any enterprise that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment will be well ahead of the competition. However, everyday crypto payments can pose some challenges for both businesses and consumers. Ever since the first crypto projects were created, their main purpose was to become a globally used peer-to-peer digital currency. While widespread adoption of crypto payments is still a challenge for most businesses, it is moving in the right direction. Blockonomics enables you to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments.

So you aren’t excluding those who haven’t got credit cards, or a PayPal account, from making a purchase on your site. Utrust is integrated with most major wallets and brands on the market. Business owners should be aware of the crypto market’s high volatility and fluctuations. For example, in January, more than $1.4 trillion was wiped from the aggregate crypto market’s value.

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With the Hold – powered by Utrust you can store, exchange and sell digital currencies while buy everyday products all from one simple app. We power businesses in 180+ countries across nearly every industry and we support more than 30 currencies worldwide (+90% of world’s GDP). We proudly facilitate faster growth for global companies powered by blockchain.

  • We proudly facilitate faster growth for global companies powered by blockchain.
  • Easy to install and setup, Digital Paybox enables customers to decide how much they would like to pay for a digital product.
  • Investors and small business owners should have a look at the complete 2022 Eligma roadmap, which also includes next stages of the GOC token.
  • That’s why we’re excited to announce, that as of June 2021, we are accepting payments in the form ofBitcoin and Dogecoin.
  • Earlier I mentioned that Bitcoin works based on blockchain technology, adding to security.
  • And remember, you can always trial a few different solutions to see what works, and ensure you find the best-fit Bitcoin solution for your site.

There are a number of plugins available that provide this function. Utrust allows you to make payments with any major digital currencies. Our flexible solution lets you decide which digital assets to pay with so you can take advantage of market conditions. Alternatively, you can decide to process your Bitcoin payments by yourself.

Step #1 Choose A Digital Wallet

NOWPayments suite features API, instant payment notification, widget, buttons, as well as website plugins for WooCommerce, Opencart, WHMCS, and Magento 2 plugin. For more information about how to make the most out of NOWPayments integration, please check its website, or reach out to its 24/7 customer support desk. Contact a sales representative to for wallet and payment information. If your business is still not involved in the ongoing crypto boom, it is the right time to discover how to become a part of it to keep up with the competition. All the information contained on our website is published in good faith and for general information purposes only.

Many renowned providers offer both wallet and gateway functionality. In this article, we discuss what Bitcoin is, and consider the benefits of accepting this digital currency, and other altcoins, on your site. First, entrepreneurs should create a crypto wallet, which is a software program or physical device that stores, sends, and receives crypto.

As you can see, there are a variety of plugins and methods available to enable you to process and accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress. The tools you choose should depend solely on your site, and the needs of your audience. And remember, you can always trial a few different solutions to see what works, and ensure you find the best-fit Bitcoin solution for your site. Then follow the CoinGate installation instructions by creating API credentials to connect the two solutions. This is a quick and easy process and once completed you will be able to accept Bitcoin and other altcoin payments on your WooCommerce site.

Given the fact that there are more than 11,000 cryptocurrencies today, and over 400 cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s no surprise that crypto payments are taking the world by storm. More and more retailers and wholesale markets are accepting crypto as a valid form of currency – and the phone markets are no exception. Using some of the methods outlined above, you can manage crypto payments in various ways. It is also recommended that a crypto-compatible QR code reader or NFC terminal be available for in-store checkout.

Blockchain is essentially a massive accounts ledger with decentralized control. Because of the methodology, there is also little chance of data loss or unauthorized transactions. Which Cryptocurrency plugin will you select to help you accept Bitcoin payments with WordPress? We’ve considered it all – so you can securely shop with your digital assets, anytime.

How To Accept Bitcoin Payments With WordPress

As recently as May 2021, the country decided to clamp down on crypto trading with a near-complete ban. Regulations have come into play to facilitate the handling and taxation of Bitcoin-related activities. Join over 50k people who receive our weekly WordPress related newsletter. Find the best online stores to shop with your BTC, ETH, USDT, and many others.

how to accept crypto payments

More than 50 cryptocurrencies are accepted through GoCrypto’s supported wallets ( Wallet, Elly Wallet, and Binance Pay). This digital platform and online wallet service can deal with payments from your WordPress website in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. These cryptocurrencies can then be sent to your altcoin wallet or exchanged by CoinBase into your local currency and sent to your bank account. Using cryptocurrencies can assist you in boosting your productivity and accelerating your business growth. There are many benefits and incentives for enterprises to adopt a solution through which they can receive cryptocurrency payments.

And will receive alerts when price changes, new offers become available or a vehicle is sold. Securely store your current vehicle information and access tools to save time at the the dealership. Some of our most successful devices and phones are the CAT S62 and CAT S22 Flip.

Powerful Business Tools To Supercharge Your Crypto Payments

And with their WordPress Bitcoin Payments plugin you can accept these as forms of payment via WooCommerce. But that’s not even the best part – Blockonomics send payments to your wallet rather than a payment how to accept litecoin payments gateway. So you get your money faster, safer and you even save on fees when withdrawing. Note – you do need a Blockonomics account, but for merchants that’s just a 1% fee – so it’s super affordable.

Money transfer services are slightly better, but the system isn’t always ideal for accessibility. There are many reasons why Bitcoin can be a compelling form of payment. Many countries in Europe have already approved Bitcoin and deemed the cryptocurrency legal. Notably among them are Germany and Switzerland, along with a large number of Northern European countries.

We’ve been working closely with several cryptocurrency platforms to integrate their products with Universal Checkout. One of these is Coinbase Commerce, which helps merchants easily accept and manage various cryptocurrencies. However, integrating any payment or commerce service is a serious hassle. The City of Chandler now offers cryptocurrency as a payment option for Chandler residents to pay their utility bills.

Even if you’re using it for investment, there is a high degree of risk involved. Either one of these can be sent to your clients for them to send Bitcoin payments. Instead of dealing with incoming, outgoing, or even destination country-based costs, you only need to handle sender transaction fees for Bitcoin. The first Bitcoins were “mined” in a process that allowed users to convert machine work into digital currency. However, there’s enough of it floating around today to make it much more accessible to a wider market. Bitcoin can be accepted from anyone, anywhere in the whole world.

How To Start Accepting Crypto Payments

The GoCrypto 2.0 also enables automatic processing of card and digital payments. The payment process runs on a completely transparent system of auditable smart contracts. Crypto transactions incur lower processing fees than traditional payment processors and bank transactions. For example, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining favor as a means of payment for services.

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